TESOL Kaiping

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J.B. - South Africa said:
Every teacher will encounter new students in their class whether it?s because they acquired a new position or a new school year has begun. In both situations, it?s important to gain rapport, get to know them and find out their English levels for the first lesson before touching the course book. Each following class, the teacher should have prepared some warm-ups to get the students excited about being there and learning English. One thing that can be difficult is making the lessons adaptable to different levels of students. The teacher could provide material for both weak and strong students, same material but different tasks, don?t do anything or pair stronger students with weaker ones. Classes that are large in size can be difficult to manage as well. The use of the target language is necessary at all times. The teacher needs to make sure that the English spoken and activities provided at the students level to facility learning and avoid confusion. There may be some that are reluctant to participant at times so it?s good not to put them on the spot but still provide ways for them to participate. I learned that there are many things to keep in mind when preparing the lesson and teaching. This unit has given me a better understanding in how to help the students in the many situations that will occur.