TESOL Laiyang

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R.M. - United Kingdom said:
This unit really delved into the basics of managing a classroom, and provided me with the tools to ensure my students' success. It gave an overview of the many different ways in which a classroom can be organized (which should take into account the students' ages, nationalities, personalities, number, and the types of seating available) most effectively, as well as tips on how to properly maintain the right amount of eye contact (too much can be off-putting, while too little can be perceived as timidity on my part) and discipline. Of course, I already knew a teacher should at all times be respectful, never raising his voice when a student acts out, or make empty threats (which would only undermine our authority). Rather, if we come across a student inciting an incident, we should do everything we can to politely end the disruption immediately (before the problem worsens), or speak to the student alone after class. We should always keep in mind a problem doe snot mean a problem-student, rather an incident which should be dealt with and forgotten -- we would not want to dissuade the student from further learning and application due to guilt or a grudge. Above all, the most important tips given in this unit were how to ensure a good rapport with my students. If my students do not feel comfortable learning from me, then I am not doing my job as a teacher. A polite, friendly, relaxed, yet respected teacher will have the most successful students.