TESOL Madurai

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K.B. - Japan said:
There are bound to be problem, but being one step ahead of the game to help predict future problems and dealing with them. Our first lessons, should be be focused on finding more about the students and aspirations, level and being able to build a rapport between the students when meeting new groups of students. Communicative activities to help warm up students and get them motivated into learning English through fun and short warm ups - tongue twisters, pictionary, etc. One the biggest problem that will be likely to occur, is that there will be likely a chance there will be students with varying levels of English knowledge. Key note is to pair stronger students with weaker students and also not allowing the stronger students to get bored without the lack of challenge by creating difffernet materials or same material and different tasks. Just an over all not making the students feel uncomfortable. Some may feel the need to native language to better explain or understand concepts and that is okay. We should be promoting learning English and not blatantly shutting out the students language.