TESOL Mary Esther Florida

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This unit covered every I never knew about pronunciation and phonetics. It was honestly very overwhelming as it was entirely new and as a native speaker growing up in Canada, it was never taught in schools before. However, much of the information does make a lot of sense after giving it some thought - in particular the origins of sounds. It definitely made it easier that I had come across it previously while attempting to learn Korean. Overall, everything that the unit provided was new to me and this unit will need to be reviewed later on to get the most out of it. At this point in time it has not begun to sink in yet and some parts are still somewhat confusing, for example \" dja wanna go?\" I'm not quite sure whether this is a regional thing (as I assume this course was written by people educated in England due to the football references everywhere) but in my opinion people who would say a phrase in such a way do not come off as particularly educated people.