TESOL Meihekou

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D.W. - U.S.A. said:
In this chapter we were learning about pronunciation and phonology. Phonology is the study,science, analysis and classification of physical properties of sound. 'Intonation' is the variation of volume and pitch of the sentence while 'stress' is concerned with individual words. In English we usually say a sentence with rise/fall, this is in questions, agreements/disagreements or confirming a statement while fall/ rise indicates surprise, disappointment and the speaker wanting a reply. Techniques for teaching intonations are nonsense words, using different emotions to say sentences using gesture and humming or singing. In teaching stress the basic rules are:one word has only one stress and we can only stress syllables not individual consonants and vowels. Teaching strategies for stress may include gestures, showing on the board the stress words, or contrasting stress words out load always ending with the normal way. IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet and all English uses this system because many words in English are not spelled like they sound. There are many things to consider while teaching pronunciation, some lessons may include peer dictation, visual diagrams of the mouth, tongue twister and working with phonemes- symbols for common and different sounds.