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J.E. - U.S. said:
This just solidifies the difficulty of the English language for those who have not grown up hearing it. Based on the suggested teaching examples and the typical mistakes/errors students are known to make, I would feel more comfortable teaching future tenses to a high level beginner class or an intermediate class. Future tense requires a stronger grip on the language for students to understand the nuances that appear in English that don't appear in their native language. It would also allow for students to ask more specific questions, which would lead to a better understanding and more advanced students would have a wider vocabulary to pull from when completing the active stage exercises. The teaching exercises suggested vary more in this Unit than those that came before; more interesting, more interactive. But I feel that the advanced vocabulary would be necessary to really drive home the point that future tense needs to be applied 'on top of' what they already know, rather than completely new information. That approach to future tense, in my opinion, would reduce the number of reoccurring errors the students will have. There will still be mistakes happening but a combined approach of teaching Future tenses with a review of corresponding Past and Present tenses would limit the repetitive use of the same mistake.