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A.L. – U.S.A. said:
The two types of productive skills are speaking and writing. Throughout this unit, I have learned that speaking activities in the classroom are either controlled, creative communication or guided and each activity can be grouped as accuracy or fluency. Accuracy based activities such as drilling and tongue twisters are focused on producing correct language while fluency activities create opportunities for students to be creative with the language. Creative communication involves activities such as information gap, debates, and discussions to help students experiment with the language. Guided activities include dialogues and guided role-play. For a writing activity, issues such as handwriting, spelling, punctuation and differences in spoken and written English need to be considered. Teachers should encourage students continually to improve their writing as poor writing can prevent the reader from understanding the content and shows a lack of education for the student. I have also learned that using games in the classroom to enhance the learning experience does not depend on the level of the students. A teacher can generate interest in a topic by simply incorporating games in the lesson.