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M.H. - Japan said:
This unit covers teaching of vocabulary, grammar and functions. Students need not only to know the meaning of words, but how to pronounce them, when to use them, and how to use them. Sometimes there are differences in how a word is written and spoken in a language, so knowing and practicing this will aid with fluency and integration. There is no one correct way to teach this and it will depend on the level and makeup of the class, so the teacher will need to deem what is the most appropriate method. A lesson could be made up of a straight arrow type lesson plan: Engage (using pictures to prompt discussion around the topic), Study (studying language structures and then filling in information gaps), Activate (class discussion and games), or a patchwork type lesson plan to focus more on one necessary aspect. When selecting vocabulary the teacher needs to choose words that are appropriate for the students, that they will get to use frequently and that are able to be taught effectively. The students will need to learn what the meaning of the word is, how and when to use it, how to spell it and how to pronounce it. In addition the students will need to understand the grammatical usages of the words, are there any patterns to its use and how it may be used differently in spoken and written forms. The unit also covers functions, which are u=instances of inviting, refusing or accepting etc.