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This unit goes over Lesson Planning. Lesson Planning is very important to EFL teacher because having a good and well thought out teaching guide for each class helps to achieve a successful learning result, and can assist in case of unexpected surprises and time-miscalculations. Although it is not good to plan to the second, having a rough outline of what you are going to teach that day, and how long each activity will take can ensure you will cover all the things you intended to teach. It can also be helpful to include backup activities, games, and songs in case you have extra time leftover at the end of class. Lesson planning can also help new teachers pace themselves well and build up good time management skills. A Lesson Plan has 3 main functions: 1) An aid to planning 2) A working document 3) A record Furthermore, it's important to keep the lesson plan simple, non-scripted, flexible, and most importantly well balanced.