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The unit gave insight on the future tenses, being the 'future simple', 'future continuous', 'future perfect', 'future perfect continuous', 'going to future', 'present simple', and 'the present continuous'. I learned that the 'present continuous' and the 'going to future' tenses, are the most used in the English language. I noticed that the grammar of the English language is basically about learning rules, such as, we are using the 'future simple' for spontaneous decisions. And remembering the sentence structure that comes with the particular tense 'will or another modal verb + main verb'.Throughout the unit, I have learned the importance about having a balanced approach in our lessons. Reading, listening ( receptive skills), and also speaking and writing (productive skill), all are equally important skills to teach. Moreover, it is very helpful to know what problems we can find at the time we teach receptive skills. For example, using authentic materiales for language students could affect their confidence, however, pre-teaching structures or difficult vocabulary before commencing either a reading activity or a listening activity will help them to build their confidence.