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C. C. - Saudi Arabia said:
This Unit covered the steps a teacher should take when planning a lesson. At the top of the unit I was given three reasons why planning a lesson is helpful: it creates a flexible structure of goals for the students, it helps with time management, and creates a record of what has been done in class. In terms of how to write a lesson plan the unit states that a teacher should try to keep it simple, flexible, timed, structured, and balanced to ensure maximum usability. Many different items should be included in the lesson plan. Some of the most important in my opinion are anticipated problems because in being prepared a teacher can continue through the lesson more smoothly, learner objectives so that the teacher always has a clear goal throughout the lesson, and timing so that a teacher lowers the possibility of not finishing a lesson because of time. Another important part of this unit is the explanation of why teachers should monitor their own lesson because in reflecting on their own work a teacher can improve themselves and in turn possibly improve the learn ability of the students.