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J.B. - Czech Republic said:
I learned from this section?what are Future Tenses-- Future simple, Future continuous, Future perfect, Future perfect continuous-- Future simple 1. Future facts ? The school semester will end in January. 2. Promises ? I promise I?ll bring you to the zoo. 3. Predictions ? He will become a very famous person. 4. Unplanned decisions ? Please have a seat. I will get the documents for you. 5. Assumptions/Speculations ? After what happened, I think they?ll sell their car. 6. Threats ? I?ll report you to the Headmaster if you don?t behave. b) Future continuous 1. Future actions in progress ? In an hour, I will be enjoying a nice cup of coffee by the terrace. 2. Predictions or guesses ? I don?t think they will be wrapping up soon. 3. Polite questions or enquiries ? Will you be leaving for Shanghai tomorrow? 4. Future fixed events ? The teachers will be attending a conference next Monday. c) Future perfect 1. Completion before a certain time in the future ? The party will have started by the time they arrive. d) Future perfect continuous 1. Duration at a certain time in the future ? I will have been living in China for 8 years by next year. 2. Cause of something in the future ? He will be very hungry by the end of this day because he will have been fasting for 14 hours.