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Unit 6, talks about past tense. Past tense is always about past times. onlike present tense past tense also has a specific way of formation. With the regular verbs the past tense is formed by adding \"ed\" at the end of the verb. But with the irregular verb the past tense is formed by changing the work completely e.g Eat= Ate and many others. The past tense onlike the present tense also have the Affrimative, Negative and the Question form. It's also have the past simple, past continuous,past perfect and past perfect continuous. But the difference is that they have different ways of formation.In this unit I learned about the value of lesson plans. Every good lesson has a plan and a teacher must be able to structure the plan with enough engagement to keep students motivated and having fun while also giving them enough study time to learn a language. Teachers must also take care to find out which lesson types work best for any given class of students, be it boomerang, straight arrow or the patchwork style of lesson. One final thing from this lesson to keep in mind is the importance of knowing when to correct to avoid overcorrection and hurting the motivation of students in the class.