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This lesson talks about future tenses. Almost all of these are used for future predictions, and this is one of the most confusing aspects for students of English. Future simple is used for spontaneous decisions and threats, to name a few. Future continuous is used for actions in progress at a later time, while future perfect is used for actions still in progress at the future point. Future perfect continuous example: \"He will have been driving for two hours by the time he gets to Beijing.\"§1486779319 4736774§81075§1118§"Unit 8 was dedicated to the future tenses and their usages. As I discovered going through the lesson, the future is a very complex and often very confusing area of the English language. Sometimes the difference between each future tense is very subtle and as teachers we should pay a lot of attention when introducing this part of grammar to our students. As usual, the typical mistakes/errors examples was very useful.