TESOL Raywick Kentucky

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This unit discussed the four types of present tenses: present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. Each have different forms: affirmative, negative, and question. Depending on which form is being used there are different ways to construct a sentence with them. Not only are there three different forms for each of these four types, there is also different usages under which they are used. Because there are so many factors going into the use of present tense verbs, there is a great potential for student error. Being aware of the possible errors that could be made helps us formulate correction strategies and examples prior to the lessons. The unit gave examples of typical student errors along with teaching ideas for the activate stage to help with these errors. Along with brushing up on the rules of different present tense verbs, this unit helped me see how many factors there are and how difficult and confusing this can be to new English learners.