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J.T. - Japan said:
Interactive whiteboards (IWB) are modern, technologically advanced tools combinining advanteges of computer projections and white boards used in the classrooms. The image from teacher's computer is projected on the board, where he can interact with it using a pen, that works as a mouse. Some interactive whiteboards allow to use our finger instead of the pen, to write or draw directly on the board and erase with just a sweep of a palm. We are not allowed to use normal whiteboard markers on the Interactice whiteboards. The teacher should always have a back up plan in case his equipment lets him down. Another useful equipment may be a video camera. We can ask students to record a street interview, a news broadcast or a short film as a part of an activity or a project. A videocamera may be replaced by a high definition video recorder in a smart phone. The most useful tool for language students is a good dictionary. A good dictionary should help to find the meaning of the word or expression, the pronunciation, the usage as well as produce the language. As teachers we want to be careful not to overuse video or computers during the lesson, so as not to distact students' attention from the presented language points. Students using computers too often become less comunicative, and as teachers we want to encourage their communication.