TESOL Shuangcheng

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L.E. - Korea said:
In this unit, we learned about teaching the receptive skills ? reading and listening. When reading and listening, we have to think about the motivations for each. Students need to be exposed to all kinds of materials, from short stories or jokes to listening to instructions or reading an essay for school. I learned that there are many different ways of listening or reading. We can use predictive skills to infer the rest of the content from a snippet of material or we can scan a recording or reading to find a specific excerpt. To understand a general idea, we might simply skim the materials but to understand detailed information we must read or listen in a focused manner. We can also use our deduction skills to find meanings that aren?t specifically stated. There are many ways to help students understand these texts. Teachers can pre-teach essential vocabulary and make sure to choose the right text for students? levels. It?s important to generate interest and to choose a topic that the students will be able to enjoy. Teachers should choose many different topics and styles over the course of the year so that students can have exposure and to make sure there is something for each individual to enjoy. When students have been exposed to a new text or listening exercise, it is essential to create comprehension texts and make sure they?ve understood.