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This unit consists of theories, methods, and techniques centered around teaching English as a foreign language. First comes a list of the more common methods and techniques, ranging from \"Grammar/Translation\" to the \"Lexical Approach.\" With so many different ways, it can be hard for a teacher to decide on what to use in the classroom. Ultimately, it will depend on the personality of the teacher, the culture of the students, and various other factors that may be present in the specific classroom. The approach put forth by this institute is the \"Engage, Study, and Activate Approach,\" which can be modified in many different ways. Finally, it's important for a teacher to make the distinction between mistakes and errors, as well as knowing if/when/how to correct students when they either error or make a mistake. I feel like through this unit I've learned how to better teach and communicate with future students based on their language levels, needs, personalities, and culture.