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L.H. – U.S. said:
These two videos showcase a good and bad lesson, entirely depending on what the teacher does or doesn't do. The first video was particularly bad, often even amusing. I should hope that no teacher ever behaves like that in such a lower-level class. The second video was much better, though still not a total \"home run.\"§1485958821 4697682§72535§1121§"In this unit I viewed two contrasting videos depicting the same lesson taught two different ways in a real classroom in Thailand. In the first video, the teacher was standoffish and stern, failed to clarify concepts with language the students understood and gave poor instructions. He also repeatedly called the concept easy. All of this led to very little student participation. In the second video the teacher was very friendly and smiling. He learned the student's names and used them. Instead of using difficult grammatical terms he started with listing vocabulary that the students already knew. From there he added new concepts. He gave clear instructions and used gestures to add to his speaking. All of this resulted in very high student participation.