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S.L. - Korea said:
Unit 7 was a straight to the point unit about teaching vocabulary and grammar. I almost feel as though I need more information, but can understand that vocabulary and grammar comes as part of an overall lesson so there is no need to over emphasis it. I have noticed the further into the units I go, the more they focus on lesson plans. I appreciate the preparation to get into the thought process of lesson plans. At this point I am still a little unsure about creating lesson plans. I want to make them fun and different, but maybe I don't need to invent something new. There is so much research and evidence on effective activities available to teachers, I shouldn't feel overwhelmed. However, I do question the \"Engage\" section of lessons. For example, when your objective is for students to be able to speak about clothing. Should I expect my students to be able to know the vocabulary to describe what they are wearing during the engage phase? I am just unclear about how to relate the engaging activity to the lesson objective, when they haven't learned the vocabulary yet.