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This unit covers the use of coursebooks and lesson materials. The students will most likely be working with a course book which usually comes with a student's book, a workbook, cassettes and other materials. While a course book has many advantages, a teacher will want to be creative and bring his or her own materials into class to supplement the units or even replace sections of the coursebook that are irrelevant. The material can be authentic or created. A good teacher will provide activities and materials that are relevant and interesting and which are graded to the level of the students.This unit has taught me about the dynamics of running a class. It allowed me to see both the positive and negative sides to seating arrangements, their effect on teaching ability and the psychological influence my behaviour may have on students. This unit also covers steps on how to deal with discipline issues in a way that will help the students, as well as give insight to the teacher. There are many factors that may be changed by the teacher to improve the atmosphere and encourage the students to excel while maintaining a beneficial balance between teacher talk time and student talk time.