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R.B. – U.S. said:
From the tense system, I learned about the present tenses. There are 4 of them. Present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Present simple is formed with subject + base form [+s/es] It's used for habitual or routine actions, permanent situations and facts, directions and instructions, etc. Present continues is formed with aux.verb 'to be' and the present participle (verb+ing) of the main verb. It is used to talk about an action that is in progress at the time of speaking or to talk about a temporary action that is not necessarily in progress at the time of speaking. Present perfect is formed with subject + aux.verb 'have' + past participle. It is used when we talk about finished actions or states that happened at an indefinite time, when we are thinking about completed past actions carried out in an unfinished time period at the time of speaking or when we talk about something which began in the past but we don't know if this is likely to continue or not. Present perfect continues is formed with subject + aux.verb have + been + verb + ing. It is used to communicate an incomplete and ongoing activity or to describe a recently finished activity which has a present result.