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When describing how to use past tense, it is important to introduce form and use of each type of past tense. There is past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The easiest way for me to remember the differences between the tenses is in the names themselves. Past simple tense is just adding -d or -ed to the base action word, and we use this when an action took place at a definite time. Past continuous is just adding auxiliary verb 'was/were' before the action verb and add -ing at the end of the action verb used to describe continuous development that took place in the past. Past perfect is just adding 'had' before the action verb or past participle to be used to indicate actions that happened before other actions in the past. And past perfect continuous is just adding 'had' and 'been' before the action verb that ends in -ing. The use of past perfect continuous is to talk about continuous actions in the past up to the current subject.