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Y.J. - Korea said:
Conditionals refers to sentences containing 'if' (when) which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are 2 clauses the 'if' clause and the main clause and either can come in the first part of a conditional sentence i.g \"If i had the money, I would buy a new house' or \"I would buy and new house if I had the money.\" The 'if' clause contains the condition that has to be satisfied before the action or state in the main clause can be realised. The main clause can also express the consequence. The 5 main conditionals are: - Zero conditional: if/when + present, present tense (water turns to ice if you freeze it) - First conditional: if/when + present simple, will (if he studies hard, he pass the exam) - Second conditional: if + past simple, would/could/might + base form (If I won the lottery, I would buy a house) - Third conditional: if + past perfect, would/could/might + have = past participle (If I had practiced the violin, I would have been better) - Mixed conditional: if + past perfect, would + base form (I didn't listen to him, so I'm not in trouble) Teaching Ideas: Split sentences, complete the conditional, chain conditionals, what a question! Nuclear bunker role play, what would happen if...?

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