TESOL Zamboanga

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D.B. - Canada said:
Unit 20 quickly addresses common problems encountered in the English classroom. First lessons are vital to establishing rapport, and as such it's best for teachers to avoid the textbook, instead focusing on fun, easy, and informative activities. Students often lack enthusiasm and confidence at the start of class, which means teachers should lead with warmers when possible. Different level students in the same class can be challenging, but can be dealt with by pairing stronger students with weaker ones, separating the class and assigning different tasks, or teaching to the average while encouraging self-study for outlier students. Large classes limit a teacher's time to interact individually with students, but worksheets, pair/group work (with well-assigned leaders) and clarity allow a teacher to get the job done. The native language should be avoided, although students who use it should be encouraged to speak English rather than scolded. Reluctant students can be nervous to participate, but can be encouraged with plenty of low-pressure pair work and time to prepare. Finally, many students struggle with listening, but simply pre-teaching difficult vocabulary is often all that's necessary to help the students get better. Very much enjoyed the course. Thank you!