How do I get a job teaching English in Japan?


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There are many theories, method, and techniques to consider when planning and conducting a class. Perhaps the most useful method is the Engage, Study, Activate method, or ESA. Whatever format one uses for the lesson, it is vital to begin with an engagement phase and to end with an activation phase.This module was clear and helpful in giving me resources to use when teaching english. I now know the advantages and disadvantages of each piece of equipment and how they can be used. i now also have an extensive list of online resources which i can look through to help give me ideas when teaching.I learnt the ESA approach and how it can be used in delivering my lessons. I can use the boomerang, the patchwork and the straight arrow lessons interchangeably. Also, I learnt the different teaching approaches and their positives and negatives and how each of them has its own language focus point.