Modals and Passive Voice - Active vs. Passive Voice Part 2


The difference between the active and passive voice is one of the more advanced topics of English grammar. Therefore, it is important for every English teacher to understand this concept.

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This unit helped give me ideas about how to teach new language effectively. I liked the incorporation of engage, study, activate and what resources I have that I can use in each of those stages. It will be helpful to know what is important to focus on when I teach new language.Was a good lesson would recommend to a friend. The language concepts are hard and fun to learn and being a teacher involved making these concepts easier for the students to grasp as well as making them enjoy the process. I love learning and other things that relate to learningIn this lesson I learnt that tenses are very important, you would think you know the language and then the tenses surprises you. It is very important to know where to use your tenses. It can be very tricky to teac if you do notknow how to apply the correct tense when you teach.