Modals and Passive Voice - Difficulties for Students


This video looks at the difficulties students have when learning modal auxiliary verbs. The number of usages and the modal auxiliary verbs that can be used for various usages often bring about problems for the students. Also, the structure of sentences with modal auxiliary verbs can be confusing. Watch this video to understand all the difficulties students face with modal auxiliary verbs.

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This unit has been so useful in regards to introducing the materials needed for business English teaching. I know the difference between authentic and non authentic materials. I have learnt some useful tips about material designing. The provided resources are quite interesting.Unit 7, teaching new language included a lot of good information. Many different ideas of what and how to use in order to make every lesson a successful as possible. As the text clearly says is there is no “one way” ticket but we it is good to know different variants.I have learned that it is very important for teachers to evaluate their student’s level of English from time to time in order to see how well they are absorbing the language, and improve where need is. There are three main ways for evaluation and the best is through Tests.