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J.S. - U.S.A. said:
Learning DifficultiesWhile learning new things can always be a problem for students learning a new language will often be one of the tougher things to learn. Learning english as a second language is no different. While learning a new language there are often multiple problems with the spoken language and even the written language if you are going from the roman alphabet into any of the Asian written languages, the opposite is also true. Mostly though learning the ins and outs of any new language is often toughest when spoken, for instance the syntax of english is very far from that of chinese, but closer to that of the German language. Therefore you would be able to predict a chinese student having a lot more trouble learning the syntax of the english language than the German student would have. The syllable structure is much different in english than it is in many Asian countries such as in Japan where the vowels and consonants alternate, in english though you can have up to three consonants before and four after any vowel which leads many japanese speakers to add in extra vowels where there were not any originally. The consonants L and R are also often tough for the native speakers of many Asian countries to say since they don't really have any comparable sounds in their native language. Grammar is also one of the tougher things about a spoken language for students to learn about, tense, aspect and mood, add another level of complexity to the language that causes problems in teaching and learning. The differences in I ate and I have eaten often cause problems for students. Having students whose vocabulary in english is good enough for you to be able to explain to them what they did wrong is also a problem that you as a teacher could and probably will run into. While I feel that the spoken language is often tougher for the new student to learn that does not mean that I feel that the written language is a cakewalk either, it's not, in fact building literacy in english takes considerable work. One of the major problems with learning how to write english is that many words sound exactly the same but are spelled completely different, or that when spoken the word has silent letters in it. Since english truly has two different styles, British and American versions, it can also depend on who taught you to determine how you will spell certain things, such as color or colour. All of the above are troublesome areas for students, but they can easily be overcome if the teacher has a well thought out plan that they can switch on the fly if they run into any problems. The teacher should also do as much research as possible into the culture and language of the place where they will be teaching as this should give a good amount of insight into some common problems with the students and the learning of english.