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T.K. - Greece said:
I appreciated the value of showing two styles of lesson delivery - Bad and Good. For me it served as a reminder that as teachers we must be vigilant and keep in mind that our goal is to help our students be successful. In the first lesson delivery the teachers brash manner and cavalier attitude toward the students was hurtful. It can be frustrating when a concept that has been previously taught or one that you feel is so intuitively clear is not to the students. However constantly saying 'it's easy, anyone can do this or get this right' further isolates the students. The teacher in the first lesson appeared not to like his job. Students can pick up on this and that affects how they respond to the teacher. The second lesson was more relaxed and friendly because the teacher was more relaxed and friendly and so the students could respond to his receptive personality. In the second lesson he joked and put the students at ease using their names. I think he should have spent a little more time on explaining and modeling the directions for all activate activities - showing more than one imaginary animal and explaining more fully the word imaginary. However he did check each activity as a class before assigning another activity.