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This was the smallest of the units in the course, but of course there are situations that do not fit into ideal scenarios. Even in those cases, planning ahead of time, especially to establish rapport to maintain control should unexpected problems arise, is essential. As mentioned earlier, planning doesn't necessarily involve sticking strictly to that plan, but to foresee points which may require adjustment, whether for class size, differences in ability, or other factors. Once planning has been completed, even if the plan goes off-course, the most important asset to an instructor is attitude.In this unit I learnt about Phonology, which is the study, science and analysis and also classification of all the physical properties of sound. I learnt about Intonation- which is generally considered to be the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. It always carries the message in a sentence. Various techniques for indicating and teaching intonation is nonsense words, humming or singing, the board, etc. I also learnt about voiced and unvoiced consonants. I learnt about articulation in detail. Also this lesson taught me how to convert phonetic scripts into english and vice versa.