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D.K. - Switzerland said:
Teaching English to special groups is by far an uneasy task. So far as businessmen are concerned, having varied English levels (if speaking about corporate English classes, wherein several representatives of the company take part) as well as speaking/communicative experience, such students would love to take the most out of their language course and are very demanding; hence, a teacher has to be very flexible in satisfying the needs of every single student in a group. Besides, while being very busy at work, such people are often absent from classes and are unable to complete any exercises at home. This serves a considerable hurdle for the teacher. Teaching young learners, however, often occurs to be more relaxing and rewarding, since a teacher receives an immediate feedback (smiles, laughing, etc.). On the other hand, children often lack discipline (which can hardly be addressed to adults), which is why a teacher has to always keep an eye on them. Moreover, because of short memory span, kids cannot concentrate on a particular subject for a long time; therefore, a teacher needs to constantly vary activities to grab their attention and maintain the pace of the lesson.