TESOL Certification Herat Afghanistan

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In this unit I learned a lot about parts of speech. I learned why we use \"a, an, the\" which are used for countable nouns that can be used in the plural where as only \"the\" can be used for countable nouns not that can't be used in the plural. \"A and an\" are also indefinite articles used for any number of a group where as \"the\" is a definite article used for something specific. Those parts of speech were the most insightful for me.Teaching aids and additional equipment are a great way for teachers to change the usual pace of the lesson and add some more fun and interactive activities. This unit outlines the advantages of using teaching aids, and gives a detailed list of some of them, (electronics like interactive white-boards and video cameras, and more traditional teaching aids like flashcards, dictionaries, and basic visual aids) as well as their appropriate uses.