TESOL Ciudad Guayana

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G.Z. - U.S.A. said:
This unit focused on class management. It discussed ways in which teachers should act; including their use of eye contact, gestures, and their voice. It talked about the different ways in which you can use these abilities to encourage confidence and motivation in the classroom. For example, gestures can be used to help convey a point or to explain a topic - they push your intended meaning along. This unit also discussed ways in which teachers can manage their class. For example, this unit discussed the use of seating arrangements. Depending on how seats are arranged it can have an effect on the degree students listen and learn. A horseshoe arrangement of seats creates a more intimate atmosphere, whereas orderly rows allow the teacher a more dominant position within the classroom with available eye contact for every student. Another topic this unit discussed was the benefits of teacher talk time and its drawbacks, and the benefits and drawbacks of student talk time. It discussed the differences between group work, pair work, class work, and individual work, and it talked about how to deal with problem behaviour. For example, when dealing with problematic behaviour focus on the behaviour and not the student. Do not shout and do not make threats that the code of the school does not support.