TESOL Comobabi Arizona

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Flexibility is one of the most important qualities a teacher can possess in order to manage a classroom to best benefit the student experience. It is important to know in the moment when it is best to use discipline and when it is best to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. There are many variables that can change up the classroom experience, such as seating arrangements, when the teacher is sitting, standing and writing on the board, when to use teacher talk time and when to focus on student talk time, and all have benefits if used at the right times. An effective teacher uses gestures and eye contact to keep the attention of the students and does not rely solely on verbal explanations. Building rapport among teacher and students and between the students themselves will create a positive environment and reduce problem behavior. If problem behavior does arise, it is imperative that the teacher properly deal with it fairly and consistently, in accordance with school policy, without losing his or her temper.