TESOL Concord North Carolina

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This unit provided an overview of the different roles a teacher can have and then delved into the types of learners and teaching styles. As a teacher it is important to be aware of our different roles and the responsibilities that are required. Additionally, the lessons must all be tailored to the learners. Whether it be an individual or a group, this greatly changes the abilities of the teacher. There are great advantages and disadvantages to each and it is important to be aware of these in order to make more effective lessons. After this discussion, there was text on the various ways we can teach certain skills in the business setting (through emails, meetings, etc). Afterwards there was a brief overview of the varying teaching styles. I learned a lot in this lesson about the ways that various productive and receptive skills can be taught across any business field. In addition, it was a great refresher on the different methods of teaching from my past ITT course.