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I.C. - Peru said:
This unit talked about teaching special groups such as teaching beginners, teaching individual student, teaching children, and teaching business English. Below are some brief summary regarding these groups. 1) Teaching beginners - Although teaching beginners could strike fear into the hearts of inexperienced teachers, many teachers claim that teaching beginners is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of EFL teaching. There are different tips and problem solving techniques introduced in this unit for teaching beginners. 2) Teaching individual student - EFL industry has seen a large increase in demand for one-on-one English lessons. Students feel that the course can be more specifically geared toward their own needs and wants than a group course could. 3) Teaching children - This can be one of most rewarding of all the student classed to teach. Children possess a innate curiosity, which in itself is a motivating factor. 4) Teaching business English - A growing amount of English teaching world-wide is to business people. A lot of teachers have initial fears about teaching \"Business English\". However, there are many different resources and techniques for inexperienced business English teachers.