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M.L. – Mexico said:
Unit 3 outlines the basic requirements of the ESA (Engage-Study-Activate) method for EFL teaching. It describes the purpose of each section, giving examples of suitable activities and demonstrating how to develop a comprehensive lesson plan with those elements in response to the lesson objectives and students' language level. This unit also gives a brief overview of other EFL teaching methodologies, both past and present, demonstrating how the ESA method combines essential elements of the aforementioned theories on language-learning with a flexible structure that can be adapted to design a lesson for any language level and topic. The information in this unit was very useful to me. It helped to take myriad ideas of how language is acquired and put them in a context of strategic introduction of language concepts and structures to EFL students. The abundance of examples of activities and techniques for various situations was helpful, both in imagining possible lesson plans and in obtaining an firmer grasp of the many ways a teacher can guide EFL students through the experience of developing English language skills.