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D.P. - Belgium said:
This unit on lesson planning gives a very good insight on how a lesson to be planned with important elements like learner objectives, personal aims as teacher, language point, teaching aids to be used, anticipated problems to be faced by both teachers and students, procedure In which lesson to ne carried out, identified phase of the lesson, timing of each phase or activity, highlighting the kind of interaction, class level of students, number of students, the date and time of lesson to be carried out, and teacher's and/or observer's names. This planning allows for new teacher on the subject to have a good sense of starting and ending a lesson properly and achieving aims in an organised way. The thinking process of the planning is important as it helps to frame the teacher's mind in visualizing the practical procedure of the lesson. As the planning becomes a good habit, it enables the teacher to become experienced teacher. When the experienced teacher teaches, there will be more flexibility in the lesson as the fundamental way of running a lesson becomes a norm for that teacher.