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Teaching productive skills (writing and speaking) may cause a variety of problems for they are generally different. However, one should understand (and explain it to learners) that these skills are basically aimed at the same thing ? communication. This idea may ease students? way to fluency ? one of the qualities, together with accuracy, which every learner should strive for. The example of accuracy and fluency based activities provides a clear idea of what techniques serve best on the way to productive skills perfection. Without doubt, the typical lessons and games will improve my lessons.When I was reading all that information about conditionals and reported speech I couldn?t stop thinking about how many times things are said without thinking if they are ?third? or ?zero? or ?mixed? conditional or even without thinking on what time we have to change our sentences when reporting something said by someone else; at the same time, I was thinking that precisely because of that it might be more difficult for learners to know this. I found quite helpful the easy explanation to think about some ideas on how to teach these, apparently, difficult topics to my future students.