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C.G. - U.S.A. said:
This unit helped clarify many of the classroom seating situations I have encountered during my school years. I have had classes in huge theaters where the seats are stationary and in rows and levels. I've had classes where we were grouped in 4 at each table, the horseshoe arrangement of desks and even a large classroom with rows and rows of individual carrel desks for studying. I experienced the pros and cons of each. Groups of 2 or 4 allowed me to feel like I was part of a micro-group in the classroom and gave me a sense of security knowing that I had 3 others on my \"team.\" The horseshoe shape of desks allowed each of us to interact with the teacher as well as each other. This worked especially well in my philosophy and psychology classes. The individual rows worked well for large, 101 classes where 95% of the class was listening to a lecture or watching slides or film. The desk carrel worked well for the self-paced math class I was in, however if a student had questions they had to get up and seek out a teaching assistant hidden somewhere amongst the desks. I like the idea of the horseshoe as I like the freedom it gives students to exchange ideas and talk freely without there being the stigma of \"front-row\" students or \"back row\" students.