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This unit taught me how to apply the different ESA methods learned in Unit 2. Most lessons that involve learning new vocabulary words will typically use the simple 'straight arrow' method. Many of the more complex lessons that involve understanding the grammar and function of the English language will often use the boomerang or patchwork method in order to get the students to better grasp the concept of the lessons. However it is important to note that none of these ESA methods are actually the \"right\" way to teach a specific lesson, but rather one of the many ways to teach a lesson.The Unit consists mainly of the different types of classes and special groups you can have as a teacher and the different challenges that they present individually. Among the types of classes discussed are teaching Beginners, Individual students, Children and Business English. Possible difficulties and solutions to the challenges are explained, as well as ideas for activities in each scenario. I found the section on important aspects of each type of class to keeping in mind that ought to be done during such classes as well as things you must absolutely not do as a teacher in each case.