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Unit 3 introduces a variety of methods of language teaching, the pros and cons of these different methods, and how to utilize them in an Engage, Study, and Activate model. The Unit went into further detail about each step of the ESA model and the different variations of this model (Straight Arrow, Boomerang, and Patchwork). The Engage stage should be used to catch the students' attention and keep them interested, and should, therefore, always be the first step in the lesson. The Study stage, which may or may not be the next stage, should introduce the new lesson material and ensure each student understands the new content. The Activate stage helps to showcase the students' language abilities, combining the English they already know with the newly acquired English from the Study stage. No matter how many stages are in the lesson plan, an Activate stage should end the lesson so that the students have a chance to practice the new content and the teacher can monitor their progress.