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In this unit there was a focus on what a good teacher 'looks' like and what the roles of a good teacher is. This helped me to see what I am expected to do and be like when working with students. This unit also focused on what a good learner 'looks' like. It teaches me that a good learner is most likely to succeed. I would somehow have to encourage these qualities in class and motivate the different learners. In this unit I also learnt how to work with different ages of students. I learnt that older students are mostly more motivated but their ability to welcome new learning methods are very limited. Younger students can cause less learning problems but more problems when it comes to motivation and discipline. I should be careful when working with different cultures and ages. I learnt that I should keep motivating students on whatever level they are, since as you progress to higher levels of English understanding, you start seeing you progress in the language less.