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In this unit, the topic of teaching equipment was discussed. The pros and cons of several teaching aids were examined in more detail. There are a myriad of teaching aids available for the teacher at his/her disposal and I feel that I have learned that with the progression of modern technology at our fingertips, it is perhaps in the best interest not to use any equipment or material that may be considered outdated or obsolete. The most important objective of all is to utilize the appropriate equipment and teaching aids that will engage and motivate the students.In Unit 6:Past tenses, the usage of past tense verbs was broken down into four tenses, how the sentence structure should be as well as the usages of each of these forms. Just a couple examples include the Past Simple form which is used to express a past action when a time period is given; or when the action clearly took place at a definite time even though this time is not mentioned. There is also the Past continuous form which is used for interrupted past actions or can also express an action which began before that time and probably continued after that time.