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This unit was probably the least useful that has been presented in this course. I found the lack of video to have a negative impact in the learning as I was never clear what the importance of this section was. The sections seemed to be very general and I struggled to find any application in my potential teaching model. The concepts were not explained well and I failed to grasp which concepts were important. If this unit was intended as an introduction to the next phase of the class, the point was not made clear.In this unit, i learnt that it is important to build rapport with the students before teaching them from the course book. It is important that the students feel comfortable with each other and be confident with the teacher before continuing. Use of ice breakers and warmers and short games can be helpful to have a positive class environment. Also it was suggested that we need to use English as a medium to communicate and not depend on the native language. That why we are encouraging the students to speak English.