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This unit was more difficult than the previous ones, but I think that the unit provides excellent ideas for teaching this more complicated subject to students. I want to completely understand this before attempting to teach it to my students, so I think that I might make up my own workshop of this and find more resources and examples that I could as examples and teaching materials. I had never learned how to report sentences before, so learning how to do this was challenging, and I hope that my students will be able to understand it.In this unit we looked at issues related to the materials and teaching references that a teacher can use to help teach effectively. We also looked at other areas i.e. pros and cons of using resource books, the use of dictionaries in the classroom and issues surrounding the use of technology (in the video section) It is comforting to know what to look for when considering a purchase of course material. To ensure it works for you as well as your students. That it has a good reputation, and spending a little more sometimes is necessary.