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That was a very interesting unit! The trick was not in using the forms correctly but in learning and remembering which form held which defined function. It was still interesting though. Otherwise, I again found some of the activities to be very useful, particularly the Lost-in-the-Desert and Get-out-of-bad-date scenarios and the fortune-telling/palm-reading. Those would liven things up in class! They're probably a bit advanced for some groups, but then we can simplify a lot of language so they could still work as long as you can get the topic across.For this unit, i learnt how to teach the different groups of students. For beginners, it contains absolute beginner, false beginner, adult beginner, young beginner and beginner without roman alphabet. For individual students they think that the course can be more specifically. For children, it is important that the teacher notices them and shows signs of appreciation for what they are doing. For business English teacher not to teach them to be business people but to teach them English. For multilingual class they have no common language but English.