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Again I marvel at just how I use these varying forms of present tense with no idea how to explain why one form is more correct than the other. It is easy to point out the errors within a sentence structure but very difficult to teach just why that error is incorrect. The material presented in this unit was definitely not new information, but was a much needed refresher course. I had actually forgotten the name of each form of present tense (present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous).I found the unit about coursebooks and lesson materials quite interesting. That makes sense that course books have advantages and disadvantages. If you know both sides, it can help you to creat the best usage of these books. In this unit also is given advices how to choose the right course book for your class if it's required. There are authentic materials and created materials. A good teacher can use authentic materials, adapt authentic materials for appropriate level of class and create own materials for teaching English.