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There are several methods and techniques to produce a better class: grammar-translation? audio-lingualism? task-based learning? communicative language teaching? community language learning? the silent way? suggestopaedia? the lexical approach. And also, we can use the ESA lesson method-Engage? Study and Activate, to teach a better class. There are three different kind of examples of ESA lesson: \"Straight-Arrow\" ESA lesson, \"Boomerang\" ESA lesson and \"Patchwork\" ESA lessonThis unit was about reading and listening. In this unit I learned about the different steps in order to do a reading or listening lesson. It helps me know how to break down each part of the lesson so that you can create a simple progression for the students. This allows them to learn possible complex words and dialogue before the actual reading or listening. This is something that I already do in my lessons on reading and listening, but it is nice to be reassured that it is the correct way.